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Tactical Operational Shelters  Click here to download brochure

Golden Season prides ourselves as manufacturers of mobile shelter systems. 

We are able to provide complete package solutions to field accommodations, hospitals and temporary bases.

The picture on the right displays our shelter with ICU beds. It can be set up as quickly as 5 minutes by 4 people. Read below for details.

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  1. *** Rapid Deployment ***
  2. Compact Storage Systems
  3. Composite Strut Systems
  4. Decontamination Properties
  5. Tactical Mobility
  6. Integrated Systems
  7. Flexible Usage
  8. Modular and interconnectable
  9. Easily Serviceable and Repaired at low cost

Integrating our 5 departments, we provide total solutions package covering

Possible applications include food distribution depots, mobile hospitals, ammunition depots, decontamination shelters, Command posts, temporary structures etc.

Compact Storage Systems - The above can expand quickly without need for generator or blower systems.

Shelters are interconnect able to form large deployment areas. Shelter is capable of sustaining strong winds / gusts, operational in different temperatures.

Our composite tubes have three times the flex strength of aluminum.



 US Patented.

Golden Season range of mobile shelters are not affiliated to any company

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