Medical & Rescue Dept
Golden Season Thermal Blanket back to full list

Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

Manufactured using polyester material designed from insulation used in Space exploration

Suitable for field usage and emergency response, field survival and prevention of hypothermia. Can be used for ground cover or reflector

Weighs less than 120 grams for easy transportation. Full size 213cm X 91.5cm

Compact packaging, vacuum packed 10cm X 8cm X 5cm for easy transporation

Specifications and How to use back to top
  • Packaged (Individual): Only 10cm X 8cm X 5cm
  • Dimensions fully extended: 213cm X 91.5cm
  • Weight: 120grams
  • Vacuum packed for easy transporation
  • See also Emergency Thermal Blanket

Functions : The Thermal sleeping bag can prevent hypothermia and combat cold conditions in a non tactical environment. For usage in tactical environment please see NAR Hypothermia Prevention and Management kit




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