Medical & Rescue Dept
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NAR IV Securing Device

Engineered specifically to quickly secure an IV line in the most difficult conditions. Once vascular access is achieved, the RaptorŪ secures the IV tubing to the patient without tape.

Minimizes equipment for Tactical Healthcare Professionals, and Works well in conjunction with Saline Locks. Secures IV tubing on wet skin.

Sold 6 per box

Specifications and How to use back to top
  • Packaged (Individual): L 3.75 in. x W 1 in.
  • Device Length (Fully Extended): L 19 in.
  • Weight: 1.9 oz each
  • Packaged (Box of 6): L 6 in. x W 4.8 in. x D 0.5 in.

Step 1 : Hold Patient Arm Steady, and tape IV to Raptor


Step 2 : Wrap the Raptor around patient arm


Step 3 : Tension the Raptor accordingly and secure with velcro



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