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Portable Solar Battery Chargers back to full list

BC-LI1 - Charges BB2590/U Li-Ion batteries
BCNI1 - Charges BB590/U, BB390/U or ALI116 batteries

Both solar chargers look physically similar and uses the same flexible solar panels. However, the models have different controllers to charge different chemistries optimally. The charger can also be fitted with both controllers to charge all chemistries.


- Reliable, manufactured for field usage
- Works with minimal sunlight
- Flexible, portable and lightweight
- Maintenance free
- LED charging status indicator

Portable Solar Battery Chargers

Technical specifications back to top



Max solar output

30W or 62W

Nominal solar voltage

12V | 24V

Open circuit voltage

28V | 56V

Maximum charging current

1A to 3A

Expected Charging time

5 to 8h for NICD / NIMD
8 to 10h for LI-ION

Dimensions folded 28 X 22 X 2.5cm for 30W
37 X 22 X 2.5cm for 62W


1.9kg for 30W
3kg for 62W



Mil-Standard applicable



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