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Field Hospital Bed (Formerly known as ICU Bed Mark II) back to full list

The Field Hospital Bed is the improved version of the original ICU bed


Field Hospital Bed is designed to serve as a reliable solution for rapid deployment of intensive care beds in any demanding field environment.

The design of the new Field Hospital Bed retains the advantages of its predecessor. It is improved with serveral advantages including faster and easier deployment.

The new Field Hospital Bed is built using Altrunium™, a lightweight and resilent material formulated our team of experienced metallurgists.

Key Feathers At a Glance

  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Lightweight
  • Requires little assembly to setup
  • Built-in self-locking elevation system
  • One-Piece Design


Integrated System

The Field Hospital Bed has inbuilt shoe racks, meal trays, gas springs elevation all built into the system. No more losing parts in the field with the new One-Piece design!

The item can be used in conjunction with our Rapid Deployable Mobile Shelter units for mobile hospital applications.

Self-locking Elevation System

The patient can now adjust his resting angle by utilizing the self-locking elevation system built into the bed. Controlled elevation ensures no sudden or jerky elevations.

Easily deployable and useful in the field

The folding system is adopted from its predecessor, the original ICU bed. Compactness is always an advantage in the field and off training seasons.

The Field Hospital Bed can be deployed in 13 seconds with a trained personnel.

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Built from ALTRUNIUM™

The Field Hospital is built using ALTRUNIUM™ - an extremely stable molecular structure formulated by our team of experienced metallurgist.

Rugged & Heavy Duty, yet lightweight

The Field Hospital Bed is rugged & heavy duty, yet is lightweight. The Field Hospital Bed is tested with a 445KG load test with only 5.4mm deflection.

Not just for military

The Field Hospital Bed is also suitable for civilian usage. The Field Hospital Bed is comfortable to sleep on, can be folded and kept away for storage easily.

Technical Data back to top


ICU Bed Folded

ICU Bed Extended


41.3" (105cm)

82.2" (209cm)


29.8" (76cm)

29.8" (76cm)

Weight per pc:

45lbs (20kgs)

45lbs (20kgs)


5.5" (15cm)

27.9" (71cm)

Fold/Unfold Time:

12 seconds to unfold

30 seconds to fold


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