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SMART Battery Pack (BB-2791) with SMBus

This battery pack is built to withstand field conditions and rugged handling.  The intercellular connections are done by resistance welding and is built using UL1642 certified cells.

Comes with state of charge indicators, tactical display screen as well as SMBus port and Datalogger.

For use in PRC-80, PRC-730, PRC-2200 Radios

Replacement for BA-3791, TNC-2188.

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Nominal Voltage

15 volts

Battery Capacity

13.2Ah High Capacity

End test voltage

10 volts

Number and type of cells

24 UL1642 certified cells

Cell connection

Serial and parallel


2-hole socket, with SMBus port

Maximum Weight


Dimensions (H-W-D)

270 x 186.5 x 64.8mm


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