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Military battery pack (BB-2590)

These packs consists of  High Capacity SAF™ Li-ion Cells, with state of charge indicators activated with a button push.

Rugged quality build to withstand field conditions.

Replaces: BB590, BA5590, BA5390, BA3590 and BB390

See also GS8002 Twin Bay charger for BB2590, BB590 and BB390

BB2590 Military Battery with gold plated terminals

Technical Data back to top



Cell Capacity

28.8 volts @ 6.6AH 

14.4 volts @ 13.2AH

Typical voltage 14.4 volts / 28.8volts

Max Voltage

16.8 volts / 33.6 volts


Li-ion battery pack

Storage Temperature

-20 to 55 degrees Celsius

Operating Temperature

-20 to 55 degrees Celsius

Terminals Gold plated terminals (see picture)

Case Material

Enforced ABS




111mm x 61.5mm x 127.5mm

Connector type

Equivalent to SC-C-179495


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