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SAF battery cells

Our brand of battery, SAF™ battery has several advantages over conventional batteries.

Superiority of our batteries:

  1. SAF seal technology
  2. mercury-free
  3. high anti-vibration and anti-leakage
  4. huge-current discharge capability
  5. inner resistance reduced via carbon coat
  6. Superior storage performance (5 years)
  7. long-time discharging endurance.

We offer the following:

  • SAF™ alkaline batteries.
  • SAF™ lithium batteries (lithium sulphur dioxide, lithium manganese dioxide).
  • SAF™ NICD and NiMH batteries.

These batteries are used in our battery packs.


SAF batteries-

Alkaline, Lithium sulfur dioxide, Lithium manganese dioxide batteries. (right to left)


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