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The Safari Bed has been manufactured to British standards. Specifically designed for rigorous outdoor use, it has proven itself in military situations and is a perfect and very durable solution to sleeping requirements in the field.

The same high grade construction and quality is now available for common use in camping or outdoor holiday trips. The unique, portable design ensures that it operates smoothly and conveniently regardless of whether it's a spare bed for the home, or being used in the middle of a camp.

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B.S. 3298

Pt 1 Camp Bed

B.S. 1003-4

High Purity zinc, zinc alloy for die casting and zinc alloy die castings

B.S. 2576

Breaking load and extension of strips of woven textile fabric 

B.S. 1932

Determination of breaking load and extension of single threads of yam

B.S. 729

Copper sulphate test and visual examination of hot dip galvanised and sherardised coatings


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